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eye exams

exams for eye glasses, contact lenses & more...

Services include traditional spectacle prescriptions, as well as glasses optimized for specific tasks, such as computer use, night driving, cycling, etc. Contact lens services include extended wear, one-days, toric for astigmatism, gas permeable, and bifocal contacts. Routine exams also include a comprehensive screening for eye health.

Exams are conducted on site, and typically take one hour to complete.

Feel free to call us, email (on our Contact Us page) or stop in to schedule an appointment.


Insurance plans in-network: Premera, Regence, Blue Cross, Uniform, Lifewise, Uniform, First Choice, PSEW, some Group Health plans and more (call to ask about yours). We can help you research your vision benefits, and we can usually handle the billing process for you. However, every person’s insurance plan is different, and it is ultimately your responsibility to know the details of your benefits.

Do you not have vision insurance? Don’t worry, most people don’t. We have VERY reasonable rates for routine vision exams.

Also, if you have health insurance, then we can probably bill the exam to your carrier, even if you don’t have ‘vision insurance. Do you have a medical ‘flexible spending account’ (FSA) or ‘health savings account’ (HSA)? If so, then an eye exam is a great way to use those funds.